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Music what's up everybody my name is DJ Carlo attend IDO - time Red Bull 3 style DJ champion and like a bhakta another weekly DJ tutorial in this video I'm gonna teach you how to DJ with your laptop with your ro DJ light a completely free DJ software so before we begin let me just say that if you guys want to follow along with this tutorial all the songs I'm going to use here are all available for download on below all right over here and you can really support this channel by donating and unloading as you go so anyway let's download so out a DJ light and begin so open your browser and search up Serato DJ light and click this link alternatively you can also just click the sarado DJ light link down below anyway once you click the link locate the download button and click it now you'll be brought to a page where you need to fill in some information so put your email address then click continue then fill in the necessary information such as a password you want and your country and then click continue once you do that access your email address click on the sarado email and download the file verify your email address then just click yes and then click continue and you should be able to download the file in seconds so once that is done open the file click continue twice and agree and click install then input your computer sponsor to enable installation then click close move the trash and open sarado DJ light now you'll be prompted to input your email address and password again once you fill that out click start mixing and congratulations you've just installed Serato DJ light so now that we've got in that part done let's find another DJ and mix music so before we load up some songs let's first make a playlist or create to better organize our music so click this button here to make a crate so create one has been created now it's a pretty generic name so let's rename it and call it first mix now you can either load your songs by using iTunes or just simply dragging and dropping them from your downloads folder to the crate for this example let's just drag our songs from our downloads folder into our newly made playlist slash crate then drag your songs into the analyze tab over here and now our songs have been analyzed and they're bpms have been identified so what is BPM BPM means beats per minute and you can think of that as a speed of the song so the higher the BPM the faster the song is now all songs of different bpms but by using software like Serato DJ light we can easily match this BPM together so we can mix better so let's start doing just that solo is your first song onto the first deck which is deck number one then note your second song on to the second deck which is deck number two then press sync on both decks so that the bpms of both songs would be the same in our case they are the same already but it'll be best to press sake just to be safe because if the details aren't...